Lentequip Safetap Connector
SafeTap connector is a complete re-invention of the existing “PowerTap” it protects your high-end equipment against electric damage. FEATURES Microprocessor-controlled circuit Built-in LED for reverse polarity, over/under voltage, short circuits Prevents battery from deep discharging Perfect accessory for your Teradek, SmallHD, Convergent Design, Astro, TVLogic, ... Max. forward current: 8A, 136W The SafeTap provides user feedback via its multicoloured LED. 8 amps continuous may be drawn from the connector but may have to be slightly de-rated based on ambient temperature, lead length and cross section cable used. A sleep mode is activated at 10V, indicated by a blue light, to guard your battery against deep discharge. This feature prevents your costly power source from draining into the damaging extreme low voltage zone should you inadvertently leave a powered accessory unattended. The SafeTap was also designed with easy and speedy assembly in mind. Knock-out sections on the left and right side of the housing allow for easy cable exit.  Cable strain relief is accomplished via a simple yet effective tie wrap which resists considerable pull-out forces thanks to friction features built into the lower shell housing.

Lentequip STap-Lemo 2pin 18"
SafeTab to 2pin Lemo power connector with overvoltage protection for your Teradek, SmallHD,.. device.   To showcase the overwhelming benefits of our new SafeTap connector, we are introducing our line of premium hook-up cables to the various commonly used accessories in our industry. Since many pieces of equipment suffer catastrophic failure when plugged in backwards (as is very easily possible with the commonly used PowerTap and similar D-Tap style connectors) we will first start to offer those that benefit most from the SafeTap's many features. Our cables may cost a little more than others on the internet but the benefits of the SafeTap can mean the difference of your production going down or not.  If your cable does not appear on the list, please get in touch with us to see how we can help. Images will continue to appear as the inventory grows.  All cables unless otherwise noted are 18" long.  Custom length available upon request.