HDR Monitor Test 2.0 - In our World every Detail Matter... on and on

Once again, we've decided to expand our 4K monitor test from Spring 2021 (On Set 4K Monitor Test), addressing and adjusting to current requirements and technical circumstances.

Dwarf On-Set Test

As we decided to include DWARF CONNECTION into our portfolio to give our customers (you) new possibilities and varieties for video transmission, we tested the ULR1.MKII set. Here are our results:

The new FUJINON Duvo™ HZK24-300mm Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens

FUJIFILM announces the introduction of the FUJINON Duvo™ HZK24-300mm Portable PL Mount Zoom Lens (“Duvo 24-300mm”), a dual format lens supporting two types of large-image sensors

Teradek Ranger Mk II 5000 vs. Teradek Bolt 6 LT MAX

We believe every Bolt 4K, Bolt 6 or Ranger HD or Ranger 4K user ask himself at least once the question, which system is better – Bolt or Ranger?

Freelensing Cine® - The universal Tilt & Shift & Swing System

Freelensing Cine® is a system that leaves the lens virtually suspended in front of the camera sensor allowing the operator a fast and intuitive movement.

Now available from stock: Bright Tangerine Prodigy Air Deflector

The Prodigy Air Deflector is the perfect solution for keeping a clear lens. With a simple push of a button, the patented design can be quickly deployed to provide you with the clear shot you need in any condition.

Sony VENICE 2 Camera - Choose between 8K and 6K sensors

The VENICE 2 builds upon the strength of the original VENICE with new features including a compact design, internal recording and the option of two different sensors

Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact Lenses

Second generation of Optimo lightweight lenses, the Optimo Ultra compact lenses replace the famous academy awarded Optimo 15-40 and 28-76 lenses which have been the faithful companions of Directors of Photography for more than 15 years.

On Set 4K Monitor Test - In our World every Detail Matters

With this test, we wanted to give our customers a comprehensive and objective overview of the currently common 4K / DCI and 4K / UHD monitors.