Pret A Tourner - Anamorphic x2 FEMTO Chart 18X33cm

Product information "Pret A Tourner - Anamorphic x2 FEMTO Chart 18X33cm"


Prêt À Tourner - Anamorphic x2 FEMTO Chart 18X33cm

Very high printing resolution chart, designed for the calibration of spherical lenses and 8K cameras and over.

Travel-sized optical chart, of dimensions 18x33 cm, composed of very-high printing definition linear targets, for the wedging of anamorphic lenses on 8K cameras and above.  A must-have for camera assistants, videographers, and photographers.



  • Flexible plate, entirely magnetic at the back, of dimensions 18x33x0,1 cm.
  • Mat and Anti-reflection coating.
  • Chart of dimensions 14x28 cm, composed of 2x8 linear targets with increasing gaps from 5 to 40 (link to the numbering explanation).
  • The targets are composed of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, designed for an x2 anamorphosis.
  • Very high printing definition.

Additional information

  • Weight: 0,2 kg
  • Dimensions: 35 × 35 × 5 cm